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Little Snodwell Farmhouse and stables is a grade II listed thatched Devon longhouse dating back to 1750. 

The Farm is a small organic farm with pedigree dairy goats, rare breed pigs and sheep and a selection of chickens, ducks and turkeys.


Using the milk drawn daily from our free ranging herd of organically fed Toggenburg dairy goats, we produce various products:

  • Soft Cheese
  • Hard Cheese
  • Fromage Frais
  • Milk

We have an eclectic mix of Poultry with several breeds of chickens, ducks and turkeys. From these we sell several things:

  • Brown and Blue Chicken Eggs
  • Large white Duck Eggs
  • Chicks and Ducklings
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While some people don't like to think of our beautiful animals ending up as meat. We hope that after you see the conditions they are reared in following organic principles, you'll appreciate why we think it is some of the best meat money can buy.

  • Pork, Lamb and Poultry
  • Proscutto style ham